The Sector Scorecard pilot analysis report has revealed that housing associations are ambitious, efficient and accountable.

Measurements and data for the pilot – collected and analysed by HouseMark and Acuity for the year ending 31 March 2017 – range from the number of new homes built by housing associations to customer satisfaction.

Who collected data for the 2017 pilot?

More than 300 housing associations owning and managing 2.4m homes took part, representing over 80% of housing association stock in the UK.

Engagement for the pilot was strong and varied, with participating housing associations' annual turnovers ranging from less than £100,000 to more than £450m.

Key findings of the Sector Scorecard pilot

  • Participants completed nearly 40,000 new homes in 2016/17 – almost a quarter of the total in the UK
  • Between 80 and 90% of tenants are satisfied with the overall service they've received from their housing provider
  • Housing associations have 99 of 100 of their homes occupied, demonstrating effective asset and stock management
  • Most landlords' expenditure on routine repairs is less than the amount spent on planned works.

Download the Sector Scorecard analysis report [pdf]

What happens next?

The Sector Scorecard is relaunching for all housing associations. Even if you took part in the pilot, we need you to confirm that you want to be part of the Sector Scorecard going forward.

Find out how to take part