Following the pilot in 2017, the Sector Scorecard is relaunching in 2018 for all housing associations.

How does it work?

Whether or not you took part in the pilot, we need you to confirm that you want to be part of the Sector Scorecard this year.

To register please contact us at giving contact details for:

  1. A strategic contact (for example, chief executive or finance director) who will receive occasional updates on the progress of the Scorecard this year.
  2. An operational contact, who will be responsible for uploading the data. They'll receive more detailed instructions to use the system.

Once we have your details, we'll be in touch in April to explain how to submit your data.

Please note that this year participation is not anonymous, as a sign of the sector's commitment to transparency.

Every organisation's results will be published in the final report. Results will be published in alphabetical order. They will not be ranked or displayed in a league table format. If you have any concerns about this please email us.

Gathering the data

For the Sector Scorecard to be of real value it's important that you provide information for all of the indicators. For a lot of housing associations, this will be information that you are already collecting so it shouldn't be too difficult.

For smaller associations (less than 1,000 units), Acuity has kindly offered to provide additional support on collecting the data as some of this is information that smaller associations don’t currently need to report on.

Data gathering and analysis by