The Sector Scorecard is an initiative to benchmark housing associations' performance and check they are providing value for money.

It demonstrates the sector's accountability to its tenants and stakeholders, and includes measurements ranging from the number of new homes built to customer satisfaction.

The initiative has broad support across the sector with backing from the National Housing Federation and Chartered Institute of Housing, as well as being welcomed by the Government.

About the Sector Scorecard

As we rally to fix the housing crisis housing associations are reconnecting with their independent roots. But the price of independence is accountability and transparency. The Sector Scorecard offers a way forward which other sectors should emulate, allowing us to compare, learn, celebrate our achievements and challenge those things which need to improve. For government, investors and customers it offers commitment and secures confidence.

David Montague CBE
Chief Executive of L&Q Group

The Sector Scorecard metrics

The Sector Scorecard uses metrics that allow us to compare like for like, while at the same time recognising that ours is a diverse sector encompassing a wide range of legitimate social missions.

The metrics are grouped into five areas:

  • business health
  • development – capacity and support
  • Outcomes delivered
  • effective asset management
  • operating efficiencies.

This guide sets out the definitions to be used by all participants, last updated May 2019.

Why was the Sector Scorecard set up?

Efficiency in the housing association sector has been a recurring concern for the Government. Individual statistics such as unit costs, surpluses or chief executives' salaries are often used to judge the sector, but we know that these figures in isolation aren't a fair reflection of our organisations and all we do.

Housing associations have a great story to tell but we need to build a full and open picture of our own organisations and the sector. This information is vital, not just for us to honestly assess our own performance, but to use as part of conversations with the Government, our tenants and other stakeholders.

With this in mind, a group of associations, representing the whole breadth of the sector, came together to agree a set of metrics that could be used across the sector. The Sector Scorecard is the result of those conversations.

Where are we now?

Following the successful pilot in 2017, the sector scorecard launched for all housing associations. We’ve made some minor changes to the measures and reporting systems this year. The latest results are here.

Who is involved?

The Sector Scorecard has broad support across the housing association sector in England, with backing from the National Housing Federation and the Chartered Institute of Housing. An independent advisory group oversees the Sector Scorecard, ensuring it develops into a credible tool for the sector.

Housemark is looking to set up similar projects for housing associations in Scotland and Wales.

Sector Scorecard analysis report 2020

Available now.